Preparing Your Mare for Breeding Season

Not every mare is fit for breeding and evaluating your mare’s breeding potential is the first step towards a positive pregnancy. In this article, we outline the three key areas that will ensure a safe and successful outcome.

Preparing Your Mare for Breeding Season

A healthy mare in good body condition, with regular worming, vaccinations, dental and hoof care, will have a better chance of delivering a healthy foal. Your mare’s overall health is fundamental in the development of your next rising star.

While maiden or older mares who haven’t foaled before may experience more difficulties with conception, there are several steps that every mare owner should take during the final weeks to result in a positive pregnancy.

1. Conduct a breeding soundness examination

Your veterinarian will conduct a physical examination of your mare, as well as an ultrasound of the reproductive tract. Aside from breeding potential, it’s also important you determine if your mare has any illness or injury that’ll worsen with pregnancy, or if she risks passing on any hereditary conditions to her foal.

2. Track her cycle

Ultrasound examination of your mare’s ovaries and uterus over several days will help you accurately time insemination around ovulation. Regardless if you’ve chosen live cover, artificial insemination, or embryo transfer for your mare, tracking her cycle will give her the highest chance of conception.

3. Check for infection or inflammation

Finally, to ensure the health of your mare and the stallion she’s breeding to, you should do a uterine culture to rule out bacteria, fungal, or yeast infections. Not only is this required by most studs and stallion owners, but an undiagnosed infection can lead to financial loss, wasting your mare’s cycles and hurting your back pocket.

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