Preparing Your Stallion for Breeding Season

A stallion in prime physical condition and mentally prepared will ensure a successful outcome for your clients and your stud. In this article, we outline the steps you should take to prepare your stallion for breeding as the season approaches.

Preparing Your Stallion for Breeding Season

Preparing Your Stallion for Breeding Season

 Maintaining your stallion’s health is paramount year-round. A well-balanced diet, adequate exercise, correct training, and routine vaccinations, dental and hoof care are all important in preparing your stallion for the rigours of breeding.

In the final weeks before breeding begins, there are several steps you should take.

Evaluate his condition

 If your stallion isn’t in good health, then his ability to breed may be affected. Your stallion should be in a healthy body condition, with vaccinations up to date, well-maintained teeth, and sound hooves. Most stallions should be managed similarly to a performance horse in moderate to heavy work, with a high-fiber, low-starch diet to meet their nutritional and energy requirements.

Check his semen quality

Semen volume and quality are fundamental to successful breeding, and you may need to monitor this particularly closely for first-time stallions and those coming out of competition. Conducting a breeding soundness exam will help you identify any problems early. A high sperm count and strong libido are crucial from the start to the end of the season.

Test his training

Finally, you should ensure your stallion is familiar with the breeding routine, including live cover and artificial insemination, depending on your stud. Correct training throughout the year, reinforced ahead of breeding, will limit aggressive behavior and the formation of bad habits. Your staff should also receive training, so horse and handler remain safe.

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