Most wormers are safe to use on horses throughout pregnancy. However, it’s imperative you check the label first to ensure the wormer you’re using has been tested and approved as safe for use in pregnant mares.

Is it safe to worm my mare if she is in foal

Is it safe to worm my mare if she is in foal?

Worming Your Mare

Worming is a fundamental component of horse-keeping, including for pregnant mares. While most horses can live comfortably with a small number of internal parasites, high worm burdens can place the health of your mare – and her unborn foal – at unnecessary risk.

Mares should continue to be wormed normally throughout every stage of pregnancy. Usually all horses should be wormed every 8 – 12 weeks or as per recommendations given by your veterinarian following a faecal egg count.

In addition, you should worm your mare on the day she foals and change paddocks. You can also take other steps to reduce the worm population on your property, including regularly removing manure from paddocks and resting paddocks during hot, dry weather.

Worming Your Foal

When your foal arrives, you’ll need to start planning their worming regime. Both mare and foal should be wormed when your foal reaches 6-8 weeks of age. However, if large roundworms are present on your property, you may need to start worming from 7 days with a specific wormer.

Foals should receive at least four worming doses in their first year of life. As your foal reaches 12-15 months of age, they should have developed a strong immunity. Just like any other horse, their worming program may need to change to give them the highest level of protection.

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