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What Others Say

Holly Covington
Veterinary Equine Service

These guy’s are passionate about what they do, every person I’ve had out to me have been thorough and spent the time to explain things. I wouldn’t use any other vet for my horse.

Marilyn Borg
Veterinary Equine Service

I would like to thank Louise for being so helpful and such a wonderful caring vet your professionalism and understanding is way in excess of any human being I know and Shelly your kindness exceeds your beauty. Thank you. Soooooo much.

Natalie Riggs
Veterinary Equine Service

Thank you to Louise for the compassion for our daughter with the final treatment of our 34 yr old mare on a Sunday, and the thoughtful card with the sentimental bracelet sent to us afterwards.

Sue Stewart
Veterinary Equine Service

I had my first experience with Exclusively Equine yesterday with annual vaccinations and check up for my boy. Louise is a terrific vet with obviously loads of experience, tonnes of common sense, a great way with horses and a terrific lady to boot! And my boy loved his willy wash! And I particularly love the support EE gives to SAHA. I’m now a confirmed client.

Belle Singh
Veterinary Equine Service

I can’t express how much your gentleness with Barney and compassion for both him and us meant. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone needing a vet!

Simone Tiplady
Veterinary Equine Service

Thank you to Brent for the way you helped us through our hard decision with our Starr… so professional and your empathy was fantastic… thank you.. our boy is being cremated…

Cameron Anderson
Veterinary Equine Service

I would like to say a massive thank you to Mel, you showed so much care and compassion towards us and our stallion in such a difficult time, it was a long struggle to try and save him and to even just figure out what it was that was wrong, sadly though the hard decision had to be made, thank you for taking the time you did with us, your professionalism and friendly disposition makes you a fantastic addition to the team at exclusively equine, we have had a lot of dealings with Louise over the years and her service has always been outstanding and I’m sure she knows just how valued she has always been to us, it is great to now have someone else there at exclusively equine who’s time we truly appreciate and are grateful of, once again Mel thank you very much.

Veronica Coulter
Veterinary Equine Service

Had 2 stallions castrated, Exclusively Equine had great ‘pre’ customer service, great ‘during’ customer service and absolutely great ‘after’ customer service. Thank you very much for answering my annoying phone calls and following up with how they were recovering.

Lauren Charlesworth
Veterinary Equine Service

I will never get another vet out to my horse except exclusively equine they are all so wonderful and have so much compassion for all equine friends and owners alike!
Definitely 5 star service!!!!!

Tim McLachlan
Veterinary Equine Service

As a professional saddle maker and campdrafter I travel thousands of km’s every year with my team of horses and I would not have achieved the success that I have without the support, care and advice from Louise and her team of professionals at EEVS. I am a breeder of performance horses and Louise’s knowledge and experience as a reproduction Veterinarian ensures that I am able to breed with the best genetics on offer.

Jacqui Murray
Veterinary Equine Service

There is a wonderful veterinary practice that I have had looking after my equine friends for some time. It is EXCLUSIVELY EQUINE at HATTON VALE QLD. I take horses needing help when I can and the best of care from these vets is a privilege. Horses and you are treated like family. I am letting all you HORSE LOVERS out there know about these amazing people. I will always be grateful to them. Thanks heaps to my dedicated veterinary friends and staff.

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