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Dr Louise Cosgrove and her Team, provide an extensive and complete range of services for your equine companion. It could be a pre purchase examination for your very first horse, a yearly dental for your child’s pony or a lameness workup for your equine athlete. Exclusively Equine Veterinary Services has invested significantly on the latest technology to provide the best care for your equine family member.


Digital X-ray

Nerve Blocks

Flexion Tests

PRP Therapy

Ultrasound Soft Tissue

Tetanus Vaccination

Hendra Virus Vaccination

Herpes Vaccination

Strangles Vaccinations

Faecal Egg Counts

Pre-Purchase Exams

Microchipping/ Freeze Branding



Castration Scar Manipulation


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There is a wonderful veterinary practice that I have had looking after my equine friends for some time. It is EXCLUSIVELY EQUINE at HATTON VALE QLD. I take horses needing help when I can and the best of care from these vets is a privilege. Horses and you are treated like family. I am letting all you HORSE LOVERS out there know about these amazing people. I will always be grateful to them. Thanks heaps to my dedicated veterinary friends and staff.

As a professional saddle maker and campdrafter I travel thousands of km’s every year with my team of horses and I would not have achieved the success that I have without the support, care and advice from Louise and her team of professionals at EEVS. I am a breeder of performance horses and Louise’s knowledge and experience as a reproduction Veterinarian ensures that I am able to breed with the best genetics on offer.

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